Couple kisses in front of sign at their St John's Resort wedding in Plymouth, Mi
August 19, 2023
Elegance Personified: A St John’s Resort Wedding in Plymouth, MI
Considering a wedding at St John's Resort in Plymouth, Michigan? See all the reasons it could be right for you!
June 6, 2023
What Goes Into the Cost of Your Wedding Photography
There should honestly be a full class on budgeting for your wedding. For most of us, we have to learn as we go and it's easy to f...
Couple walks together at their como park conservatory wedding
April 20, 2023
Como Conservatory Wedding: A Winter Wedding Paradise
This Como Park Conservatory wedding was the absolute best of both worlds and truly was a winter wedding paradise.
Woman smiles as she writes in notebook, showcasing that brand photos should be more than headshots
March 9, 2023
Your Branding Photo Shoot Should Be About More Than Headshots
So you've started a small business. Now it's time to schedule a branding photo shoot to bring it to life and put your best face f...
Couple sits together smiling during their magical winter golden hour session
February 25, 2023
A Magical Winter Golden Hour in Minnesota
This shouldn't a surprise if you're on the page, but I adore a good sunset. The sun flares, the warmth - it all makes my photogra...
February 9, 2023
Wedding Dessert Ideas to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth
As a wedding photographer, I've been to a lot of weddings and snacked on a lot of wedding desserts. I mean let's be honest, when ...
Minnesota wedding photographer images by nic captures couple dancing on a bridge at The Woods Chapel wedding vene
January 25, 2023
The Woods Chapel Wedding: A Venue Hidden Gem
I love a unique wedding venue and even better when it's a hidden gem that makes you feel like you're in the middle of the next Di...
Wedding bouquet inspiration: Bright, tropical bouquet sits on a pink couch
January 12, 2023
Wedding Bouquet Inspiration for Your 2023 Wedding
Flowers add so much personality to your wedding day. They can add color, texture and really bring some personality to your space....
December 30, 2022
49 Arguments for Wedding Dancefloor Photos
When it comes to deciding on how long to book a wedding photographer for, there are so many factors to consider. How big your wed...
Snowy outdoor photos as winter wedding inspiration taken my Minnesota wedding photographer
December 19, 2022
Winter Wedding Inspiration with the Jarmuzeks
There's something extra magical about a winter wedding, don't you think? The snow, the cozy details, the bright white making ever...